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This Book Is a Christmas classic for young children learning the true meaning of Christmas and how much Jesus loves them! 
Christmas is a wonderful time of year with treats, warm cookies & dishes, family gatherings, lights, eggnog, candy, and decorations. 

But the most important element of Christmas is sharing the story of Jesus with our children and the gift He gave us. 

This will be a Christmas classic for young children learning the true meaning of Christmas and how much Jesus loves them. 

We hope you enjoy as this short book tells the story of our Savior's birth from the perspective of Chloe - our Pomapoo pup who loves everything about Christmas.

We hope you enjoy! And God bless you!
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How Chloe’s Christmas Story came to be. The year was 1996, and Mike, my husband was in a Christian addiction recovery program for 4 months. The facility was The Colony of Mercy in Whiting NJ, run by Americas Keswick Christian Conference Center. 

Mike accepted Jesus as his savior there and in that 2nd month, myself and my three children accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in the little Colony Chapel and not long after Mike did. Oh what a glorious time it was for our family. Myself and my children received Jesus as our Lord and Savior in October of that year. When I walked out of Chapel I burst into tears thinking about my lost family and all the other people that needed Jesus in their lives. 

Mike had really been getting educated on bible principles and falling in Love with Jesus through His Word, and so was I at home. I wrote Mike a letter every single day to encourage him. The other guys were envious of him because he got a letter every day. I would hear stories from Mike about what the other guys in the program said, “Man you are blessed, that woman Loves you very much Mike” Some of the guys did not receive 1 letter or 1 visitor the whole 4 months because they completely destroyed all their relationships through addiction. 

Mike was excited one day as he showed me this verse in the bible that came so true for our family. Acts 16: 31 So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” GOD WAS 100% TRUE to His Holy Word because that is exactly what happened. It’s a very emotional topic in our family because of the way GOD saved us as a family through a very adverse and difficult situation in our lives. 

Then one day shortly after I accepted Jesus as Lord, I was laying in bed with my little dog Chloe. She is a black pom-a-poo about 8lbs in weight. I was thinking about Mike, I was lonely, and I was praying for Mike and Thanking GOD he was being helped. Then the idea and vision came to me about writing a children’s true Christmas story. And Chloe was in that vision as walking children through the true story of Christmas from a child’s point of view. I thought Children would like that because it was fun and exciting.

The words for the book came to me within 20 minutes. I wrote it all down and put it aside. I wanted to reach kids for Christ early and help them be nurtured throughout their teen age and adult years so they would have a better chance of understanding just how much God loves them. 

Many things happened in the pursuing years and the book got put on hold. Fast forward 2018, when Mike encouraged me to get an illustrator. So we did and he strung us along for 1 year and did nothing. We found another illustrator, Kelsey Showalter, and we think she captured the words perfectly with illustration to paint the most beautiful Love story of all time. 

My prayer is that many children and adults will come to understand the Great Love God has for them in and through Jesus Christ. I pray that GOD is glorified and magnified through this book. Proceeds will be donated to Children’s ministries that seek the lost and nurture them throughout their lives. 
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